Our Story

Our journey was founded in the trial organic make up and skin care that promised so much but ended as a chalky substance smeared over our faces. We longed for makeup and skin care that we knew was not bad for us and left us looking and feeling like a million dollars. We wanted it to be kind to our skin and still look beautiful without blowing our budgets every month.

We believe this is what you want too!


Our products did not come out of the blue. Our founder is the owner of a chain of specialist beauty salons in Australia. The staff and our founder have literally asked thousands of women their likes and dislikes – “Is this the result that you really, really want?” We treated their answers with r-e-s-p-e-c-t. In tune with our customer desires we sourced high quality ingredients, made concoctions and tested them….. on ourselves of course, never ever on animals. If our skin didn’t like it, or the results left something to be desired, we remixed again and then again until we had that eureka moment in believing we had found The One.


We took our new products to a discerning and critical market, which confirmed we had indeed found The One. Simply Naked Beauty was born.


Natural or mineral or organic where ever possible. Make up & skin care that doesn’t compromise on results, which is easy to use, is luxurious, effective and lasts. Simply Naked Beauty was created from respect, enthusiasm, love and long hours. We trust and use our own makeup & skin care.


We love that we create honest products that bring real results and help people improve their skin, bodies and beauty – naturally.


We want you to look & feel gorgeous and quite frankly, we do give a damn. So welcome my dear, to S.N.B - SIMPLY NAKED BEAUTY